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Pueo Audio’s attention to detail and meeting our expectations is beyond our imagination. We have an astounding customized full home theater system with electronics and speakers. The type of sound, visual, networking, and installation were essential to us. It was easy to work with them because of their in-depth knowledge, professionalism, accessibility, and experience with audio and visual. 

Chris Scanlan, Owner, Scanlan Management, LLC


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Audio & Entertainment Solutions

Our expert and dedicated staff have the necessary skills; in-depth technical know-how and aims to provide you with the best audio, visual experience. We have whole home audio packages and other options available for high-quality speakers, subwoofers, amplifier, cinema, security. Unwind and experience the power of music and movies beyond your imagination.

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Did you know we match prices? We also offer free installation with your purchase and deliver right to your door. Restrictions apply. Does not include wall mount.

*CONSULTING We have an extensive dealer network to find the right equipment you need at the right price and provide professional support to ensure everything is working and to your satisfaction.

We offer the opportunity to experience the audio & visual systems on a trial basis in your own home or business.


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Rogue Audio


LED Lighting Solutions Commercial and Residential

Pueo Audio, Hawaii Distributor

Low and high voltage LED Strip Lighting for commercial and residential uses, LED Flood Lights, LED Panel Lights, several models of LED Bulbs as well as other specialty lighting products.


Check out the sleek and efficient designs

The sleek design and power of Haiku Fans reduce your dependence on air conditioning. We provide installation services, removal, and disposal of your previous ceiling fan. Locally stocked. Starting price: $550 installed.


In today’s ever-changing world give yourself peace of mind. We have various security systems for your home.


Used equipment.  We buy back (and sell) Pueo Audio previously installed equipment so that you can experience the latest sounds, visuals in the comfort of your style.

Audio Visual Ignite 

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