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Elac, Spatial, Emotiva, Paradigm, Cambridge Audio, Anthem, Vinni Rossi, Nordost, Wire World Cable Technology, Lumin, Sonos, Sony, Haiku Fans & more!

Speakers, Subwoofers, Tweeters, Haiku Fans, Home Security & more!

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Subwoofers: Paradigm is the king!

Defiance V8 Best bang for your buck! $399 https://www.paradigm.com/en/ported/defiance-v8 

Top of the line Sub 2 $10,500 https://www.paradigm.com/en/sealed/sub-2

Wireless transmitters $199 https://www.paradigm.com/en/ported/defiance-wt


Minx Speaker system; leave your previous cube speaker system behind and upgrade to Minx Min 22 $149.99 each https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/usa/en/products/speakers/minx-min-22 

Minx X301 Subwoofer  to take your living room or office desktop to the next level in spatialness, accuracy, warmth, and beauty like never before. $449.99 https://www.cambridgeaudio.com/usa/en/products/speakers/minx-x301

The minx is available in piano gloss white or black finishes. Get a premium and classy look with Cambridge Audio’s Minx Speaker Systems.

Sony TVs: Sony’s XBR Line of TVs has always been the best in color, upscaling and quality. Sony offers the best in dynamic and performance!

From the award-winning x900F series https://www.sony.com/electronics/televisions/xbr-x900f-series 

A9G OLED, https://www.sony.com/electronics/televisions/xbr-a9g-series 

Z9G 8K LED https://www.sony.com/electronics/televisions/xbr-z9g-series 

Sonos Soundbars and Distributed Audio

Beam Soundbar $399 https://www.sonos.com/en-us/shop/beam.html to enter the world of Sonos and its capabilities.  Further, explore having Sonos in every room of your home with Sonos Play Speakers or Sonos Connects to have distributed audio throughout your home with the control from your phone or tablet.

Leif Cables: Take your system to the next level with Nordost’s entry-level cable line, the Leif series https://www.nordost.com/leif.php.  From power cords to speaker wire and everything in between, improving your system couldn’t have been easier or cheaper with Nordost cabling.


Wireworld Digital Cables In an ever increasing digital world one would think that it either works or it doesn’t.  While that is true for file transfers and items that are buffered any digital signal that is being played “live” suffers the same problems that affect analog signals and will benefit from better cabling.  Upgrading your digital cables will ensure that all information being transferred arrive at the same time and with fewer errors to preserve the natural tone quality, spatial imaging, and exciting dynamics of live music. http://www.wireworldcable.com/hi-res-digital-audio-cables.html

We offer customized packages for audio, visual, home theater systems and home security to your specifications. Call us today! 808-726-0595 or contact us at info@pueoaudio.com